Lonely Boy

Felipe, 17, Colombia Hi! I'm Felipe, you can call me Felo or just F. I'm from Colombia, a magical place in South America. I think music is powerful and it shows who we really are and what we feel. I try to be as happy as I can, but sometimes I'm just not. Snapchat: felo_hdez Instagram: felo_hdez

¿Disimular? ¿Para qué? si me cae mal que se note y ya hijueputa.

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"My family is suffocating me with pressure to be a perfect student and daughter." (r.i.d)

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should i message them again or am i just being really clingy and annoying: a life story by me

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I wonder who’s gonna be by my side in 10 years

Donde reina hormona, no manda neurona. Donde manda corazon, no domina la razon.

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—Tuve la grandiosa experiencia de sentir mi sangre salir a chorros de mi muñeca, ver como todo se nublaba y mi aliento se iba. Y al fin, supe que estaba a punto de despertar de la pesadilla, irónicamente porque de hecho estaba durmiéndome para siempre.